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Memorial Candle


A Funeral Service Celebrating your Loved One

Did you know that a funeral, does not have to be.

Conducted by a religious minister?
Many people these days prefer.

To make use of a celebrant. 

To deliver their funeral ceremony.

Especially when the loved one.

Held no strong, religious beliefs.
I will ensure that the funeral ceremony.

Is properly constructed and delivered. 

With a formal committal of the coffin.

And like a Humanist Celebrant.

I can make the ceremony.

Completely non-religious, if that is your wish.

However, as a Civil Funeral Celebrant.

I can also. 

Include hymns and prayers.

In the ceremony.

And any other religious element.

Chosen by you.

This is something a Humanist Celebrant.

Won't not do! 
My only concern is to help you.

Create the funeral you want.

If you want to write messages,

On the coffin.      

Light candles, tell jokes.

Or even sing songs, that is all just fine.

It's entirely up to you.
I will be able to advise you.

On all of these matters. 

And help you put together.

The funeral ceremony you want.  

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