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Paul Harborne
The Funeral Celebrant

About Me

My name is Paul Harborne

And I'm a Civil Funeral Celebrant.

I help bereaved families create unique.

Semi-religious or non-religious

Funeral Ceremonies.

For their loved ones and officiate.

At the Cremation or the Burial.

To ensure the family's wishes,

Are carried out.

I also undertake Ashes.

And Memorial Ceremonies. 

Bespoke Eulogy writing.

And Funeral Ceremony pre-planning.

Plus I also work with.

A number of leading Funeral Directors.


So offering the very unique experience.

In arranging the funeral service,

Of your loved one.

And conducting the Ceremony as well.

I specialise in working.

With the families of older loved ones.

I work across the Midlands.

As a Funeral Celebrant

To the Highest Standards Possible.

With The Academy of Professional Celebrants.


And in December 2021, I Won.

The inaugural APC Celebrant of the Month.

And in August 2023, I was nominated for.

The Green Funeral Awards

Celebrant of The Year. 

I hope you find, my web site helpful.

And I look forward.

To hearing from you soon

With regard to how I can help you.

Create that special Funeral,

For Your Loved One


The moment you contacted my mom. 
She knew you were the right person.
On meeting us all we knew.

That we were in.

Very capable, safe hands.                
And the service you delivered.
Was better than we could.         
Ever have imagined.
Everyone commented.
On how they had enjoyed it.
You made the whole experience.
From gathering the detail beforehand. 
Picking out the key bits.
To delivering it in such a manner.
Which was easy.

And comfortable for us all. 
Many thanks Paul.

You made a difficult day. 
That little bit better.

Lynn, Wednesfield

Hi Paul, 
You came highly recommended.            

From a family member.
For your charismatic approach.
To a usually sad service. 
Paul you really did give.
Our father, husband, brother.
And special friend, the send-off.
He so well deserved, after a short illness.

Which shocked us all.
So many people have relayed their thanks.

And gratitude for a wonderful service. 
Thank you, Paul.
From all his family and friends.
It will be remembered.
As a happy day.
Rather than a sombre one!

Dan Hewitt

Paul, thank you so much.

For your lovely service for Howard.

This afternoon, I could not have asked.

For anything finer.
Everyone commented.

On what an excellent service it was. 

You made something.

I was dreading so easy.

I cannot thank you, enough for helping.

To make today so memorable.

In so many lovely ways.

Christine, Telford

Hi Paul, Thank you so much.

For delivering a most fitting and personal.

Special service in honour of our Mom.

You have been so wonderful.

In helping us to bring all our ideas.

And thoughts together.

Lisa, Halesowen

We want to thank you so much.

For the wonderful funeral service.

You delivered for my Husband.

Your hard work is very much apricated. 

And you made a very difficult day bearable.

With your kindness and compassion.
You are a very exception person.

Helping to make a last goodbye special.

Anne, Wolverhampton

Hi Paul,

On behalf of the family.

Thank you so much for beautiful service.

You delivered for my Nan.

You were fantastic.

Every word spoken, was so clear.

and the poem "Reunited"

Made us all think of Nan & Grandad.

Together Again.

Please take care and continue to help.

Families celebrate their loved ones lives.

The Mitchell Family

Paul I would just like to thank you. 

For the beautiful service.

You provided for Avril. 

Struck the right note with the eulogy.

Which described Avril and her life.

And painted a picture of her.

That was so true.
I would like to thank you.

For making a very bad day more bearable

Dennis, Dudley

Paul, I just wanted to say thank you.
On behalf of all of my family.
For your sensitive and uplifting handling.
Of my Mum's service.
The whole thing.

Was a fun and fitting tribute.

To our beloved mum.

James, Stafford.

Dear Paul,

Thank you again for the wonderful service.

For my late Husband Keith.

Everyone said how well it came across.

And how perfect you sounded.

Even the hard of hearing .

Sitting at the back.

Heard every word.

We can't thank you enough,

It was perfect.

Cara, Halesowen

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